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The on-the-go meal you've been waiting for.

Soylent started as a Silicon Valley sensation and now it's on its way to the UK. Whether you’re craving a spot of coffee or a more subtle flavour for your next meal, each bottle of Soylent delivers a ready-to-drink meal with the nutrition you want.


Light, sweet flavour with a velvety smooth finish. This is our very first flavour, the one that started it all.


Rich flavour with real cacao powder. Now you can enjoy a chocolatey treat for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything in between.

Cafe Mocha

The chocolatey, robust coffee drink of your dreams — wake up with breakfast in a bottle on mornings when you need to get up and go. 

Food reformatted.

If you’ve ever skipped breakfast after rolling out of bed too late or settled for reheating lunch because of a busy schedule — Soylent is made for you.

There’s a ready-to-drink meal in every bottle of Soylent, offering 20 grams of plant-based protein and 26 added vitamins and minerals.

Better for the planet.

Because we use plant-based protein, making Soylent requires less water and produces less CO2 than livestock. Our drinks reduce food waste with a year-long shelf life from manufacture and don’t require refrigeration until opened.